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Knowledge Management for Development Journal

Updated: 12 January 2014

Welcome to the KM4D Journal

December 2013 issue now online (12 January 2014). It is a Special Issue with the theme: Facilitating multi-stakeholder processes: balancing internal dynamics and institutional politics

This is the website of the peer-reviewed, community journal on knowledge management in development - for and by development practitioners and researchers.

This website covers the content of the KM4D Journal for the period 2005-2008, and from 2013 onwards. During the 2009-2012 period, this journal was published by Taylor and Francis and can be found at:

Volumes 1-4 (2005-2008) and 9 (2013) onwards can be found here. The Editorial team now has access to the files for the issues published during 2009-2012 and we will soon be publishing them here too.

For information on forthcoming issues and guidelines for submitting an article, kindly consult the KM4Dev wiki at

The mail address is:

Editor-in-Chief, Sarah Cummings

Senior Editors, Ewen le Borgne, Ivan Kulis, Lucie Lamoureux, Jean Mège and Denise Senmartin

ISSN: 1871-6342 (Online) and 1947-4199 (Print, when available),

Vol 9, No 3 (2013)

Table of Contents


Facilitating multi-stakeholder processes: balancing internal dynamics and institutional politics PDF
Jan Brouwers, Karen Buchanan, Herman Brouwer, Laurens Klerkx, Mirjam Schaap, Ewen Le Borgne 3-10


Analysing stakeholder power dynamics in multi-stakeholder processes: insights of practice from Africa and Asia Abstract PDF
Herman Brouwer, Wim Hiemstra, Simone van Vugt, Hettie Walters 11-31
Reflective learning for purposeful change: making learning more explicit in multi-stakeholder processes Abstract PDF
Femke Gordijn, Jan Helder 32-46
Evaluation as a multi-stakeholder process: the Programme for Capacity and Theory Building for Universities and Research Centres in Endogenous Development (CAPTURED) in Bolivia, Ghana and India Abstract PDF
David Millar, Rene Halkyer Orellana, Freddy Delgado Burgoa, Balakrishnan Nair, Darshan Shankar, Jan Brouwers 47-62
Collaborative learning and stakeholder engagement: lessons and implications of the revitalization of the Continuing Professional Development policy for health workers in Nigeria Abstract PDF
Lisa Mwaikambo, Saori Ohkubo, Jarret Cassaniti 63-78
Choice-making in facilitation of agricultural innovation platforms in different contexts in West Africa: experiences from Benin, Ghana and Mali Abstract PDF
Annemarie van Paassen, Laurens Klerkx, Samuel Adjei-Nsiah, Richard Adu-Acheampong, Bara Ouologuem, Elisabeth Zannou, Pierre Vissoh , Lassine Soumano, Fadiala Dembele, Mamoudou Traore 79-94
Local participation in complex technological projects as bridging between different communities in Belgium Abstract PDF
Koen Sips, Marc Craps, Art De Wulf 95-115
Dealing with critical challenges in African innovation platforms: lessons for facilitation Abstract PDF
Kees Swaans, Beth Cullen, André van Rooyen, Adewale Adekunle, Hlami Ngwenya, Zelalem Lema, Suzanne Nederlof 116-135
Water management, fact-finding and facilitation in multi-stakeholder platforms in North Afghanistan Abstract PDF
Jeroen Warner, Vincent Thomas 136-152
Reflective Learning for Meaningful Change. Abstract
Femke Gordijn, Jan Helder

Case Studies

Changing our ways: making sense of complex multi-stakeholder systems change by using the four quadrant model Abstract PDF
Hettie Walters 153-166


From project-based to institutionalised multi-stakeholder learning in the Water Sanitation and Hygiene sector Abstract
Carmen da silva wells


From project-based to institutionalised multi-stakeholder learning in the water sanitation and hygiene sector: experience from Uganda Abstract PDF
Carmen da Silva Wells, Peter Magara 167-173


The functions of facilitation in multi-stakeholder learning: lessons learned from capacity development on value chains management in innovation platforms in Burkina Faso and Ghana Abstract PDF
Jean-Joseph Cadilhon 174-181

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.