***ARCHIVE SITE *** Knowledge Management for Development Journal, Vol 2, No 1 (2006)

Academia and development.

Chris Burman


A recent topic debated on the KM4Dev discussion forum, introduced by Hem Thore of Norad, was ‘Academia and development’. Thore’s central point was one of work load and communication. Contributors to this discussion comprised (‘in order of appearance’) Hem Thore, Vardhani, Erik Caldwell Johnson, Dr Jyotsna Bapat, Chris Burman, Sebatiao Ferreira, François Stepman, Haresh Dalvi, George Obanyi, Steve Denning, Malaika Wright, George de Gooijer, Neils Keijzer, Tom Abeles, Nancy White, Frank Ryan, Stephanie Colton and Mark Winslow. The discussion, under the headings ‘Academia and development’ and ‘Revisiting academia and development’ featured more than 40 contributions during 9-23 March 2006. It also led to other contributions on related subjects, including ‘Routines versus creativity and new knowledge’ and ‘Devil’s advocates.’

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