Vol 9, No 1 (2013)

Special Issue: Knowledge management and climate change

Table of Contents


Knowledge management and climate change PDF
Pete Cranston, Carl Jackson 1-5
Climate change and open access PDF
Sarah Cummings 6-8


Learning to tackle climate change: innovative approaches to knowledge sharing and co-production in highly dispersed development organisations Abstract PDF
Tom Tanner, Carl Jackson, Fran Seballos, Jane Clark 9-23
Participatory mapping for adaptation to climate change: the case of Boe Boe, Solomon Islands Abstract PDF
Antonella Piccolella 24-36
Mobilising knowledge for climate change adaptation in Africa: reflecting on the adaptive management of knowledge networks Abstract PDF
Blane Harvey, Catherine Fisher 37-56
Knowledge sharing and change across networks within the context of climate change adaptation Abstract PDF
Andrew Clappison, Pete Cranston, John Rowley, Megan Lloyd-Laney 57-71
Knowledge for action: an analysis of the use of online climate knowledge brokering platforms Abstract PDF
Anne Hammill, Blane Harvey, Daniella Echeverría 72-92

Case studies

Facilitating discussion on the integration of climate change and natural resources management into food security and agriculture programs: a series of events Abstract PDF
Zachary Baquet 93-107
Promoting local innovation and participatory innovation development as a means of adapting to climate change: sharing and learning within the PROLINNOVA network Abstract PDF
Chesha Wettasinha, Ann Waters-Bayer 108-114


Lessons on bridging knowledge management with climate change adaptation: a story from southeastern British Columbia, Canada PDF
Michelle Laurie 115-118


Climate change and knowledge management PDF
Pete Cranston, Carl Jackson 119-129

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