Vol 9, No 2 (2013)

Breaking the boundaries to knowledge integration: society meets science within knowledge management for development

Table of Contents


Breaking the boundaries to knowledge integration: society meets science within knowledge management for development PDF
Valerie A. Brown, Sebastiao Mendonça Ferreira, Wenny W.S. Ho, Barbara J. Regeer, Marjolein B.M. Zweekhorst, Sarah Cummings 3-9


Proposing a fifth generation of knowledge management for development: investigating convergence between knowledge management for development and transdisciplinary research Abstract PDF
Sarah Cummings, Barbara J. Regeer, Wenny W.S. Ho, Marjolein B.M. Zweekhorst 10-36
Diversity and tension in knowledge production and dissemination: a closer look at the activities of 10 Ghanaian civil society organisations Abstract PDF
Denise Beaulieu 37-52
Transformation science: seven collective questions for a just and sustainable future. Abstract PDF
Valerie A. Brown, John A. Harris 53-66
Creating social entrepreneurship for rural livelihoods in Bangladesh: perspectives on knowledge and learning processes Abstract PDF
Jeroen Maas, Joske Bunders, Marjolein Zweekhorst 67-84
The power of personal knowledge: reflecting on conscientization in lives of disabled people and people affected by leprosy in Cirebon, Indonesia Abstract PDF
Beatriz Miranda-Galarza, Mimi Lusli, Christine W.M. Dedding, Fiona M. Budge, Marjolein B.M. Zweekhorst 85-104
Mutual learning for knowledge co-creation about disability inclusive development programmes and practice Abstract PDF
Saskia C. van Veen, Joske G.F. Bunders, Barbara J. Regeer 105-124
Towards integration of service user knowledge in mental healthcare in low and middle-income countries: insights from Transition Theory Abstract PDF
Alida Joanna van der Ham, Laura S Shields, Jacqueline E. W. Broerse 125-139
Mapping networks to improve knowledge exchange among family planning and reproductive health organizations in Ethiopia Abstract PDF
Sarah V. Harlan, Tara M. Sullivan, Samson E. Hailegiorgis 140-161
Reflections on the dynamics of the coexistence of multiple knowledge cultures in a community-based maternal health project in Tanzania Abstract PDF
Andrea Solnes Miltenburg, Evelien Rijkers, Jamal Barass, Naomi Maselle, Jos van Roosmalen, Joske Bunders 162-184


A reflection on positionality and knowledge processes in transdisciplinary research Abstract PDF
Ruth Peters 185-190

Tools and Methods

Guidelines for knowledge integration: navigating a myriad of perspectives Abstract PDF
Wenny W.S. Ho 191-197

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