Vol 11, No 2 (2015)


Table of Contents


Knowledge in the Sustainable Development Goals and an introduction to this issue PDF
Sarah Cummings 1-4


ICTs in knowledge management: the case of the Agropedia platform for Indian agriculture Abstract PDF
Kiran Yadav, Rasheed Sulaiman V, N.T. Yaduraju, Venkatraman Balaji, T.V. Prabhakar 5-22
Engagement and accountability in transdisciplinary space in Mongolia: principles for facilitating a reflective adaptive process in complex teams Abstract PDF
Arren Mendezona Allegretti, Jessica Thompson, Melinda Laituri 23-43
Data sharing and use of ICTs in agriculture: working with small farmer groups in Colombia Abstract PDF
Fanny Cecile Howland, Luis Armando Muñoz, Simone Staiger, James Cock, Sophie Alvarez 44-63
Mainstreaming as a knowledge process: new lessons from mainstreaming gender, disability and sexual diversity Abstract PDF
Saskia C. van Veen, Petra Staal, Rob van Poelje 64-82

Case studies

Weaknesses in monitoring practices in relation to performance and accountability principles: promoting joint monitoring could be a solution in developing countries Abstract PDF
François-Xavier de Perthuis de Laillevault 83-97

Community Notes

Agenda Knowledge for Development Conference, Fall 2016 in Vienna, Austria Abstract PDF
Andreas Brandner, Nicolas Maximilian Oster 97-100
Can participatory communication be taught? Finding your inner phronēsis. Abstract PDF
Ricardo Ramirez, Wendy Quarry, Frederick Guerin 101-111

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