Vol 1, No 1 (2005)

Supporting communities in development

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Contents Abstract PDF
Julie Ferguson, Sarah Cummings 1-2


Like a duck to water: the KM4D Journal Details PDF
Julie Ferguson, Sarah Cummings 3-5


Communities of practice and networks: reviewing two perspectives on social learning Abstract PDF
Sarah Cummings, Arin van Zee 8-22
Little steps to lofty goals: keys to successful community learning for civil society development Abstract PDF
Nancy White, Siobhan Kimmerle 23-40
The multiple balancing act of virtual communities in peace and development Abstract PDF
Gerd Junne, Willemijn Verkoren 41-56
Knowledge communities and the tsunami response: experience from the Crisis Prevention and Recovery Community of the UNDP Abstract PDF
Gita Swamy 57-61

Case studies

Are online communities delivering? The case of C3NET Abstract PDF
Hebron Mwakalinga 62-70
Virtual knowledge communities: lessons learned in making them work Abstract PDF
Anne Hardon 71-78
Designing sustainable communities at CARE Abstract PDF
Rohit Ramaswamy, Graeme Storer, Romeck van Zeyl 79-93
Communities of practice for development in the Middle East and North Africa Abstract PDF
Erik Caldwell Johnson, Ramla Khalidi 96-109


KM4dev: a community of development practitioners sharing experiences in Knowledge Management approaches Abstract PDF
Lucie Lamoureux 110-113

Community Notes

Where to put knowledge networking? Abstract PDF
Michael Gruber 114-115


Next issue of KM4D Journal Abstract
Simone Staiger 116
KM4Dev Annual Meeting 2005 Abstract
Lucie Lamoureux 117

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Supporting communities in development – tools & approaches Abstract PDF
Julie Ferguson, Sarah Cummings 117pp.

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