Vol 13, No 2 (2017)

Open research, open data, and your development organization: information and data management for development

Table of Contents


Open research, open data, and your development organization: best practices in information and data management for development PDF
Megan Zandstra, Abraham Azubuike, Abby Clobridge, Iryna Kuchma, Leroy Mwanzia, Nilam Prasai, Simone Staiger, Michelle Willmers, Denise Senmartin 1-6


Open Access and Open Data at CGIAR: Challenges and Solutions Abstract PDF
Medha Devare, Megan Zandstra, Abby Clobridge, Michelle Fotsy, David Abreu, Elizabeth Arnaud, Paul Baraka, Enrico Bonaiuti, Srinivasarao Chukka, Ibnou Dieng, Kate Dreher, Sufiet Erlita, Henry Juarez, Soonho Kim, Jawoo Koo, Usman Muchlish, Martin Müller, Leroy Mwanzia, Jane Poole, Salman Siddiqui 7-21
Making CGIAR outputs open and accessible: The CGSpace collaboration Abstract PDF
Abenet Yabowork, Alan Orth, Peter Ballantyne 22-34
“Be the data you want to see in the world” Abstract PDF
Rolf Kleef, Martine Koopman 35-46
Open data: initiatives and new challenges in the Argentinian Agricultural sector Abstract PDF
Leticia Paula Dobrecky 47-62
Implementing structured public access to the legal reports on bills and law proposals of the Scientific Service of the Hellenic Parliament, Greece Abstract PDF
Fotios Fitsilis, Vasilis Bayiokos 63-80

Case studies

Developing a knowledge management approach for an agricultural innovation system: The case of the Southern African Bean Research Network (SABRN) Abstract PDF
Rachel Muthoni-Andriatsitohaina, Simone Staiger-Rivas, Koen Beelen, Krishan J Bheenick 81-95

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